Equally beautiful and gross, insightful and confusing, delicately sculpted and strikingly abrupt... Emre's art will leave you with a lovely satisfaction and uneasy curiosity that will keep you pining for more!
Dichotomy Collage Art Exhibition Austria 2019
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Dichotomy Collage Art Exhibition Austria 2019

Dichotomy is a paradox that was first used by the Greek philosopher Zeno and tries to explain the impossibility
 of the movement with a mathematical formula. This paradox is also used to explain feelings of instability and contrast.
This affective disorder causes people to never seize the moment, because they always think of other options
and feel endless discomfort.
In this exhibition, I worked with waste materials as in my previous works, but nowI’ve chosen my materials from papers
with different features. These papers come together with visuals from books and magazines to create collages.
Each of the characters we see in these collages has a different story. Thesestories are inspired by events,
people, books I read, or theater and cinema scenes I see in my daily life.
I printed the texts using a nostalgic label machine.
In my Dichotomy exhibition, I give an area to confused characters that I’ve created  where they can tell their stories.